This the first of twelve websites I’ve put up since, who knows who,
sent my van sent over a cliff, in March of 2018.
– Barbara Wurden

Van is directed to go over Cliff – The Press Democrat
(where’s the article)

Julie Johnson April 7th

Van aimed to crash off cliff – The Press Democrat
Randi Rossmann April 9th

My primary inventions are three individual, unique, universal cellphone cases.  I invented more cellphone accessories too.

On April 7th, 2018, its clear to me, my van was scheduled to be driven over a cliff. I want to know who staged the vehicle cliff-dive.

I arrived in Silicon Valley, I left my business plan in an angel investor’s mailbox. Three days later, after there was no reply, I wanted to prove myself so I dropped my invention prototypes on the investors doorstep. It was a risky move. A few days later I sent an email from a town, then I woke in the hospital.  I read in The Press Democrat that my van went over a cliff miles from town, an emergency helicopter took me to a hospital in Santa Rosa, California. It was a month later, I found out my vehicle plummeted off a beach cliff.

I invented products that will help people protect their brains and at the same time they will protect their bodies from infertility.

I wonder if the van cliff-dive was scheduled is because of what my inventions would do or was it because I videotaped an invention diary or maybe the FCC people wanted me dead. I believe, me becoming an inventor encouraged criminal actions.

An FCC statement – “Caution: Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation: The device shall be used in such a manner that potential for human contact with normal operation is minimized. If you must conduct extended conversations by wireless phone every day, place more distance between your body and the source of the RF, since the exposure level drops off dramatically with distance. To be sure that human exposure to RF energy does not exceed the FCC, IC, and European Union guidelines, carry the cellphone away from the human body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels. Orient the cellular antenna away from the body”.

Because of the FCC’s caution statement given, I figured the cellphone should be away from, instead of next to, the head and body.

The FCC also wrote: “all manufacturers of wireless devices from cell phones to Wi-Fi Speakers to Wi-Fi toys have warnings which describe the minimum distance devices must be kept away from users in order to not exceed the as-tested radiofrequency radiation limits for exposure to wireless radiation. It is advised to use the products in such a manner that minimizes the potential for human contact during normal operation. To reduce exposure to RF energy, use a hands-free accessory or other similar option to keep this device away from your head and body.

The FCC plainly states there must be distance between a cellphone and the body.

They are afraid, especially adults, because it’s difficult for them to believe that the cellphone can harm their human body; but these adults know the law is for their own good. The damages from cellphone radiation could take twenty or thirty years to show up, infertility could be one of the results, but because we are used to communication readiness and we think our human body is invincible, people have been disregarding the rules. My inventions protect peoples fertility and allow them to keep their communication ready at a moments notice. My products fulfill peoples needs and they keep them safe. As a byproduct the cellphone accessories I invented, educate people that our government has cellphone user laws. The cellphone accessories I invented resolve the cellphone safety problems people are having today.

By carrying a cellphone against the body and having the device slammed up next to the head, could do the body and brain harm. The latency period for damages to appear is up to thirty years.

It was twenty years ago, cellphone safety mandates were defined, but the bigger size of cellphones, at that time, discouraged adults from storing them in their pocket. Today we have flat cellphones that conveniently fit in a persons pants pocket; now that’s a problem.

I shared a house with a man that used to be an employee for Qualcomm, a wireless communication company, he wrote the circuitry for cellphone computer boards. Instead of a cellphone, he uses a computer and a Skype connection for his telephone. The man wrote technology for cellphones, he knows the harm his product causes humans; the guy refuses to own a cellphone.

Governments paid for scientific studies; the science gave conclusive evidence of cellphone danger. Governments have defined cellphone communication as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Today, young people are our test rats.

The Federal Commination Commission set cellphone safety guidelines, but the population is being kept from this information. I believe governments are keeping their cellphone safety mandates secluded from the people.

Cellphone products designed to protect people from radiation are kept out of retail stores.

I contacted industry people who have businesses related to selling products that educate and protect people from cellphone radiation. But to them, I was just a person who talked on a cellphone. I’m shocked because I’m a talented professional. They passed on the opportunity to learn about my inventions.

“I filmed the the above video as you would write a diary”


Personal history
I had to vacate my home at the end of 2012 because I paid too much in mortgage. My home went into foreclosure. Over the last two years, I was also forced to part with the rest of my possessions, even my pets, all I have is a suitcase and two bags.

Professionals I dealt with
I have a video that I made for the investor, Peter Sullivan, the man I left my prototypes with; it reveals my invention prototypes and their functions. I’ve showed the same video to my sister, Robbie Lafleur, but like most people, she chooses to be ignorant about cellphone danger. I’ve also given the same video to the businessman, Marcus Lemonis.

The Guru in my YouTube video is John Assaraf, his business partner, Mark Waldman, came to an art opening at the house I was living in. I was surprised the man refused to introduce himself.

I emailed Deca ventures about my inventions. I figured the business Darren Hardy represented would be perfect; I was surprised to find out the man’s values were faux.

I wanted to pay Kevin Harrington’s fee to pitch him in 2017, he declined.

In 2017, my Inventions scored 191, out of 200, on the Invention City profitability quiz. The invention promotion company declined a meeting.

Aldon Lai., with A C Lai Rentals Homes stole rent; I was a fool to prepay.

It’s difficult for me to have verification because my external drive (which had all of my documents) and my tower computer were missing from the van, according to my mother.